1. The World’s Leading Organizations Turn to Us

Leading organizations such as Microsoft, Roche, PwC and Virgin  call on us to help them connect and communicate with their employees and customers. We are a trusted partner, designing and implementing ongoing programs that engage, entertain and educate their audiences. You can check out some of our clients here.

2. Our Experience

Founded in 2003, we’ve engaged, educated and entertained people in 21 countries and counting & 10 languages

3. We’re the Global Leader

We’ve been pioneering group songwriting for over a decade, working with groups from 10 to 10,000+. But there’s lots more to us than interactive songwriting – we’re a leading creative music agency that designs and executes music-based experiences and content that creates connections and communicates key messages.

4. Our Team

Our global management team has a unique combination of corporate, educational, facilitation, production, marketing, and Grammy Award winning musical skills. Not to mention we’re all ridiculously friendly, helpful and love making our clients ecstatically happy! We have the largest global network of the best musicians on the planet, who thoroughly enjoy working exclusively with Song Division and our clients when they’re not working with the biggest stars.

5. Our Focus is You

From our initial conversations with you to learn about your needs and challenges, through preproduction, execution and beyond, our focus is always making your life much easier, helping you achieve your objectives and a healthy return on your investment!