Sir Richard Branson – Virgin

"It was a beautiful song, a wonderful welcome, and it's been a fantastic day!"


"Song Division rocked our world.  They sent us out from our event in very high spirits, I really recommend these guys!"


"I can't believe how good Song Division was for our sales force.  The outcomes were amazing."

American Express Meetings & Events

"You guys are unbelievable! You helped us connect our people. You helped us bring our meeting to life. You guys are the BEST!"

Time Warner Cable

"We just finished a fabulous day singing and writing our own song with Song Division - it was phenomenal, we'll carry this with us for a long time

On Board Experiential Marketing (OBEXP)

"Song Division were fantastic.  Great guys to work with, really engaged with the brand and weaved in our theme. A fabulous experience."

Washington State Employee Credit Union

"I've been a CEO for over 25 years and we've never had a session where we got this kind of energy and excitement in the room..."

Conde Nast

"Song Division did an amazing job. Everyone had a fantastic time, taking our meeting from the morning and bringing it to life in the afternoon."


"What Song Division accomplished was absolutely fabulous. You kicked off a journey into a new culture and I'm so grateful for your support."

Pitney Bowes

"It was wonderful, the whole group enjoyed it and I can't express how many people came and told me how great it was.  Song Division did the job!"

Grupo Alatur – Brazil

"It was such a joy to have Song Division in our event. I couldn't think of anything more perfect..."  (in Portuguese, English & Spa

Republic Finance

"I'd like to thank Song Division for helping us go platinum here in Nashville!  It couldn't have gone better, they made it a fabulous event."

Undertone Networks

"We just had an awesome time with Song Division.  They worked hard, they made all our people feel special....we highly recommend them."

Commonwealth Bank

"Song Division - absolutely brilliant!"

Retail Facilities Association Summit

"It was a huge hit, people were really engaged.  It was the perfect icebreaker, especially where we're bringing people together to network."

Time Warner Cable

"We just spent a great day with Song Division - helping us come together with one common voice as we focus on shifting our culture."

Video Testimonials – Highlights Reel

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