What is Song Division?

Song Division gives people the chance to write and perform songs with the world’s best musicians.

Whether it be helping thousands write a song in just 7 minutes as a conference energizer, a highly effective team building experience, interactive entertainment at your welcome reception or gala awards, an experiential marketing campaign for a global brand, or even a rock n roll bachelorette party, we’re all about one thing at Song Division – sharing the thrills and benefits of writing and performing original songs.

As the pioneer of interactive songwriting, Song Division helps its clients effectively communicate with target audiences while also providing inspiring and entertaining programs that enhance performance in any industry. Song Division partners with only the best professional musicians to deliver one-of-a-kind musical experiences.

Song Division offers a menu of services to best serve groups of any size and event format…

Music Team Building

Song Division’s original ‘Battle of the Bands’ program involves splitting the room into smaller groups. Each team is assigned a band member, who guides his team through the process of writing an original song – both lyrics and music. Songs focus on key event themes and messages. Afterwards, the teams are brought together for a ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert, where a winning song is selected and then performed by the entire group. Learn more

Conference Energizers & Icebreakers

A shorter program, the Conference Energizer is ideal for general sessions, generating energy and excitement among any size gathering. With the Conference Energizer, the band and room work in unison to write a completely original song. Afterwards, the entire room joins in the singing, as volunteers are offered the opportunity to come to the stage to play an instrument or sing with the band. Learn more

Rocking Reception – Gala Dinners, Awards Nights & Fundraisers

The Rocking Reception is a popular choice among event organizers with a tight program looking for unique and interactive entertainment. In a fun and low-pressure manner, the Song Division writes a completely original song with the help of guests in as little as 10 minutes, capturing the spirit of the evening. For an awards program, the Song Division band will play the honorees on and off the stage in the style of the Grammy Awards or The Late Show, adding excitement to a special occasion that only a top band can bring. The band will then fill the dance floor with hits from the last four decades. Learn more

Rock & Roll Game Show – Gala Dinners, Awards Nights & Fundraisers

A fun and interactive activity, Rock Trivia puts a group’s rock knowledge to the test as participants vie for prizes and coveted bragging rights. With each table working as a team, participants go head-to-head in a full-band Name that Tune competition. A few “performance challenges” give individual participants a chance to show off hidden talents. Learn more

Experiential Marketing

Using a process similar to the conference energizer, Song Division works with a business and its target audience to create a completely original song that serves as the dynamic centerpiece for a marketing campaign. Song Division guides a brand’s audience through the song-writing process, incorporating specific marketing messages to effectively build the brand. Learn More

As an added feature on all service options, the Song Division band can play dance-floor-filling hits from the last four decades at evening events.

Song Division Benefits

  • Songs emphasize specific themes and messages such as mission statements, educational content, event taglines or other marketing messages
  • Writing songs about an organization creates emotional connections to the brand, strengthens bonds between event participants and provides long-term ROI
  • Song writing inspires attendees to flex their creative muscles in a supportive environment, breeding innovation and enhancing performance in any organization
  • Improves communication and sharpens critical problem-solving skills
  • Ability to provide entertainment at the evening gala offers significant cost savings and a consistent musical theme throughout the event
  • Format is easily modified to accommodate any event schedule
  • Can be held anywhere in the world, in any language