Team Building with Music

Song Division’s Music Team Building Activities will captivate your group and foster collaboration. Teams undertake the challenge of writing original songs with the assistance of an all-star band, then perform them in a rock concert!

This engaging, high-energy activity unleashes creativity, improves communication and reinforces key messages through the universal medium of music. No previous musical experience is necessary. And everyone is assured they won’t have to sing solo, unless of course they want to!

icn-activity30x30Activity: Music Team Building


icn-group-size30x30Group Size: 1 to 5,000 +


icn-length30x30Session Length: 1 to 3 hours (can be tailored to suit your needs)






Above: ‘Music Team Building – How It Works’ clip

“Song Division rocked our world. They sent us out from our event in very high spirits, I really recommend these guys!” Microsoft 

The Song Slam

Team Building Music Activities: Event Description

Song Division delivers an electrifying and transformative experience in the guise of a rock concert. Your group will enter the venue to find a world-class band playing a high-energy hit song. As the excitement builds, the Song Division emcee introduces the musicians (listing some of the famous artists they’ve worked with) and announces the assignment: work together to write a completely original song.

The emcee splits the room into smaller groups. Each team is assigned a Song Division band member, who guides their team through the process of writing an original song – both lyrics and music. Songs will focus on key themes and event objectives.

Afterwards, the teams perform their songs in a ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert. A judging panel along with audience vote then decides on one song to be adopted as the organization’s theme song, culminating in the thrilling spectacle of the entire group coming together to perform as one. The concert can be part of your evening entertainment, followed by a set of dance-floor-filling hits from the Song Division band featuring “special guest appearances” from participants.


Why Team Building with music?


–  Creation and delivery of Song Division’s unique and globally proven team experience
–  Song Division Band and support crew
–  All necessary instruments and amplifiers

Client to provide

–  A/V and staging appropriate to venue (sample tech rider available upon request)


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Benefits of Team Building Music Activities

Effective Message Delivery

Song Division guides participants in writing lyrics that emphasize specific themes and
messages such as mission statements, educational content, event taglines or other marketing messages. Music is a powerful device that creates emotional connections to specific people, events and moments in our lives. By writing songs about the event objectives, participants are forming closer emotional connections to the organization, brand, and, of course, each other!


Creative Expression

Song Division’s unique process will inspire your attendees to flex their creative
muscles in a supportive environment, breeding innovation and enhancing performance in any organization. Musical expression also improves communication
and sharpens critical problem-solving skills.


ROI & Flexibility

With the ability to provide team building, Song Division will substantially increase your meeting’s ROI, resulting in financial savings, logistical ease and a consistent musical theme throughout the entire event. Song Division will customize its program to meet your exact needs. The ‘Battle of the-Bands’ format is ideal as a half-day program in the morning or afternoon. It is also successful as a “twilighter,” where the song writing is done at the end of the day, followed by a performance – the centerpiece of the evening entertainment. Programs can be conducted at your location or one arranged through your event company, DMC, or Song Division.

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