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Corporate Event Solutions by SongDivision

We use the power of music to effectively engage your audience.

What We Do

At SongDivision, we develop creative solutions, activities and events to help you best communicate your message and entertain your audience, through the power and magic of music. We offer a number of programs in the following areas that can be tailored to your needs:

Marketing & Advertising

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Music Production

Learning & Development (L&D)

  • Experiential Add-Ons for Trainers
  • Stand-alone Programs

"One does not need to have any formal knowledge of music — nor, indeed, to be particularly ‘musical’ — to enjoy music and to respond to it at the deepest levels." Oliver Sacks

Why We Rock

At SongDivision, we not only love what we do, we truly believe we can help you deliver the results you want. Our business is based on:

Power of Music

We believe that music is one of the most powerful tools for engaging people from all walks of life.


We have pioneered interactive songwriting, allowing our clients to effectively communicate with their audience.

First Class Talent

Our team consists of the most professional, and definitely most passionate, musical and business talent across the globe.

Trusted Globally

With a presence in key markets around the globe, we have the talent and local know-how to help your business, no matter where you are.


Customer Testimonials

Our Customer Conde Nast

“SongDivision did an amazing job. Everyone had a fantastic time, taking our meeting from the morning and bringing it to life in the afternoon.”

Amex Testimonials

"You guys are unbelievable! You helped us connect our people. You helped us bring our meeting to life. You guys are the BEST!"

Our Customer Virgin

“It was a beautiful song, a wonderful welcome, and it’s been a fantastic day!”

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