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2018 GMID Anthem Video

  • 4/11/2018  7:47:38 AM


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2018 GMID Anthem

  • 3/16/2018  4:43:33 AM

GMID Anthem

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The 2017 GMID Anthem Video

  • 3/24/2017  12:58:56 PM

Crowdsourced by the events industry in 2016, it’s become the soundtrack for GMID events around the world and the industry as a whole. The 2017 video stars meetings and events leaders celebrating the industry in a compilation that rivals anything Beyonce has produced.

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Star In The 2017 GMID Anthem Video

  • 2/7/2017  12:35:07 PM

Global Meetings Industry Day celebrates business meetings, trade shows, incentive travel, exhibitions, conferences and conventions

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IMEX Back Seat Karaoke

  • 2/7/2017  12:56:33 PM

This year we created our own back seat karaoke version at IMEX America. A fun, candid conversation combined with a little karaoke helps industry leaders connect with their communities on a more personal and fun level.

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The Making of a Rock Star

  • 9/8/2016  4:28:40 AM

SongDivision have found two things to be true. One, our world has many hidden rock stars among us. Two, music truly is a universal language.

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Sam McNeil, SongDivision

  • 8/22/2016  6:03:43 PM

Sam McNeil, SongDivision. He's one of Australia's most in demand MC's and facilitators. He's our Creative Director and we love him!

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Successful Event For Virgin's Sir Richard Branson

  • 10/15/2016  2:00:30 PM

Check out this compelling podcast with Mike McAllen from Grass Shack Events & Media and SongDivision founder, Andy Sharpe.

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Team Building Won't Fix Bad Company Culture

  • 5/12/2016  1:41:02 PM

At SongDivision we understand that Good company cultures are founded on trust. These companies use regular team building programs to maintain and enhance performance.

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The Science of Team Bonding with Music

  • 10/11/2016  10:38:43 AM

ABC's Catalyst show 'Music On The Brain'. Read more about the effect that music has on the brain and why it is the ultimate social bonding tool on SongDivision.

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SXSW 2016 Highlights

  • 4/2/2016  4:17:39 PM

South by Southwest (SXSW) began 30 years ago in Austin Texas, as a small music conference aimed at garnering attention for local bands.

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Global Meetings Industry Day Anthem

  • 8/22/2016  5:54:17 PM

Celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day with an anthem that captures how meeting professionals feel about their work by SongDivision

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Top 5 Reasons You Need Team Building

  • 10/15/2016  2:12:31 PM

Sam McNeill from SongDivision give his top 5 reasons you need team building in your 2016 conference agenda.

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Interview With Earl Slick

  • 10/15/2016  2:08:57 PM

Earl Slick describes working with Bowie and Lennon to SongDivision

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Industry Anthem on Periscope

  • 10/15/2016  2:07:29 PM

SongDivision invite all involved in the Meetings & Events Industry to take part in writing the GMID anthem, and to then use it as the soundtrack for your local GMID celebration!

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Can I Use Spotify On Events?

  • 1/5/2016  2:19:17 PM

There is always a question of legalities when answering 'Can I Use Spotify On Events?' . Let at SongDivision to explain.

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Attendees Have The Music In Them

  • 1/5/2016  2:20:36 PM

Music is always part of event design at SongDivision. This is especially true if the grand design behind your event is getting guests to let their hair down and connect to one another, and your brand, in a fun, meaningful and memorable way.

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How To Get The Volume Right At Events?

  • 1/5/2016  2:19:36 PM

We've all complained about the music being too loud at events. Event organizers know attendees are there for conversations' so why does it still happen?! SongDivision have found the answer!

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I Hate Team Building

  • 9/30/2016  4:57:07 PM

My best team building experiences have taken the team to a different place and left a lasting impression. Read more at SongDivision

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Why Is Team Building Important?

  • 11/29/2016  5:16:04 PM

When done well, a team building experience will create new relationships and improved understanding between employees, resulting in better performance back in the work place. How SongDivision improves the bottom line? Read more

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