American Express Meetings & Events' global meeting brought 800 of their team together for the very first time. With employees coming from over 20 countries, a key focus of the executive team was educating everyone about the company’s core values. Rather than ‘lecturing’ everyone via Powperpoint, they called on SongDivision to bring these core values to life, whilst bringing everyone together in a shared experience that embodied their company culture of collaboration, creativity, communication and fun!

This 60 minute general session saw 800 people collectively write and perform a totally original song about the company’s core values. The music was created in just a few minutes using talent from the American Express team, and fleshed out by the amazing SongDivision band, who’s members have played with everyone from Guns N' Roses to The Trans Siberian Orchestra! The audience collectively chose the style of the song (rock), then tables of 10 collaborated on lyrics that embodied their core values.

Each table picked a team leader, who read out their team's fabulous lyrics (to much cheering from their colleagues). The room collectively chose the final lyrics for the song using SongDivision’s proprietary process before a final rehearsal. The grand finale was an epic performance of their own original song by all 800, backed by the world-class SongDivision band!

Later that night at the Gala Awards Dinner, the SongDivision band helped cap of a fabulous four day conference, playing the award winners on and off the stage, then getting everyone on the dance floor for a huge celebration!

The Results:

Not every lyric can make the final song with a group this size, however EVERYONE spent time thinking creatively about their company’s core values, taking them off the Powerpoint screen and bringing them to life as they collaborated with their colleagues. They also collectively achieved something together that they didn’t think was possible, write an original song! Despite coming from all corners of the globe, the American express team were able to experience being one team with one voice, creating connections and embodying core values that will produce results for years to come.

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