In Lima, Peru at their annual Connection event the leaders of Global DMC Partners (GDP) wanted to create an unforgettable experience and a vividly resonant memory for all of their 50 DMC’s as well as their 100 preferred clients from across the globe. The goal was to instill the idea that the GDP was ‘your' partner in success and that through their vast, global network of DMC’s they can deliver exceptional experiences for any scale group or event. They called on SongDivision to help deliver an experiential branding engagement for all of their guests and partners and true to form, SongDivision gave everyone in attendance an experience that they won’t soon forget! Led by SongDivision facilitators from Lima, NYC, Las Vegas and Miami it was a temporary melting pot of some of the best musicians in the world!

At the opening general session, after many of the attendees had traveled all day from various points across the globe, SongDivision broke the ice with a super fun and engaging program where, in addition to participants sharing with each other what their first concert was, a volunteer guitarist taking the stage and all sorts of hilarious banter from SongDivision’s MC, Angus Clark, the audience developed song lyrics and created a rousing anthem all about the great things the Global DMC Partners have to offer. Incorporating incentive travel themes, specific destinations and other industry related content the opening session was capped off with a stage filled with participants and everyone up on their feet singing about ‘G-D-P!’ A great start to the conference, to break the ice and and to get everyone talking about the key themes and content of the week. Additionally, as the facilitating MC for the conference, Angus introduced speakers, thanked sponsors, took care of general housekeeping, kept everyone smiling and seamlessly tying together the remainder of the conference and provided a consistent musical backdrop to the event.


"The idea from the beginning was to be unique, engaging and to wow our audience. I knew that you would bring a unique touch to our conference, but what I did not expect is how much stronger and wonderful it was going to be. Thank you so very much! You launched and positioned our conference in such a strong, positive, fun, creative and “perfectly connected to GDP” way. The feedback from partners and clients alike is overwhelmingly positive on GDP 2015 connection. So much of it is thanks to YOU. You made us shine. Angus, you are so talented. You are both an artist and a businessman, bravo! You not only did such a superb job with the orchestra but everyday your connection to the audience was perfect. You made house-keeping fun! Who knew this was even possible. Nathan and Angus, this conference would not have been such a success without the two of you there. Thank you so very much." Catherine Chaulet, President - Global DMC Partners

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