To celebrate hitting a major revenue target, pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk flew it’s entire global team of 2,700 people to Miami for a four day cruise. But before they sailed off into the Caribbean, they held their first ever ‘All-Hands’ meeting to review how they'd achieved this significant milestone, and to set a new ambitious target for everyone to work towards.

How could they get everyone to state their big new goal in one, unified voice?  With SongDivision’s help!

Held at the legendary Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami, SongDivision came on stage after Malcolm Gladwell’s keynote and helped all 2,700 people write an original rock anthem in just 25 minutes! The music was created with help from a talented Novo Nordisk employee and the SongDivision band, consisting of musicians who've worked with Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and The Bee Gees. All 2,700 attendees then spent a few minutes writing lyrics about their new goals (working with the people sitting next to them, a great way for everyone to make new connections), and submitted them via an event app. The best lyrics were chosen by the group, the stage was filled, the song rehearsed, and then this huge group collectively performed it’s very own song!

The Results:

In just 25 minutes, the key achievements and new goals for the company were captured in a song written and sung by it’s entire global workforce. This shared, creative experience both celebrated a major achievement and focused the team for it’s next challenge, setting them up for more success!

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