We are very proud to work with AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) and look forward to our sessions with them. This year we had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented young individuals.

The Solution: CSR Team Building

The teenagers arrived at the legendary 301 Studios in Sydney where they met with SongDivision’s incredible songwriters and musicians, who have worked with the likes of Powderfinger, Van Halen, Silverchair, Tina Arena, Lionel Ritchie, Jessica Mauboy, and Jimmy Barnes. Everyone collectively decided on a genre of music, settling on 'soul with hints of Daft Punk'. After splitting into writing groups they each delved into their personal journeys, trying to relay that within the lyrics while refining the melodies.

When the teams came together to show each other their newly crafted parts there were claps and cheers... but the standing ovation went to Patty - when it came to her time she rapped like a QUEEN and the whole room erupted with applause - amazing!

The Results

AIME does amazing work around Australia every day helping indigenous teenagers graduate high school and go to university. This CSR songwriting workshop was able to capture in a song the challenges these kids face, and the satisfaction and joy they experience from achieving their goals. The resulting song was then able to help communicate the value AIME brings to our society in a way only music can. Used on social media, the song was used to help spread the word and attract more corporate partners, and in turn, help more kids go to university. It was also an unforgettable experience for the kids, giving them confidence to collaborate and create with professional musicians. They also performed the song at AIME’s Gala Ball, backed by the SongDivision band, huge finale to an incredible year!


2015's Case Study

We partnered up once again with the fabulous AIME - Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience - and we got to spend a day working and creating with some of Australia’s finest young talent!

The Solution: CSR Team Building

SongDivision’s goal was to create an environment in which to help the young team write and record a completely original R&B track. With the help of our incredible songwriters and musicians who have worked with the likes of Powderfinger, Van Halen, Silverchair, Tina Arena, Lionel Ritchie, Jessica Mauboy, and Jimmy Barnes - the team crafted lyrics about their own personal journeys in life and when it was all put together a very powerful and inspirational song emerged!

The Results

An amazing experience for all ending with an amazing song!

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