Since 2004, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and ING have called on SongDivision to to end their annual 'Ignition' mentoring program on an unforgettable high. Each year, ING executives are paired up with teenagers with Cerebral Palsy - they meet every fortnight in a program that covers everything from bullying to career opportunities. What better way to capture the magic of these shared experience than for everyone to write and record a song about their amazing year together!

The Solution: 
 CSR Team Building

Aussie star Lionel Cole (The Voice, Qantas Radio and Nat King Cole’s nephew) led this year’s two-part session - the mentors and kids wrote this song about their journey together in the ING offices, then they went to the legendary Trackdown Studios in Sydney to record their song with the SongDivision band.

The Results:

Is this the funkiest song ever written at a SongDivision session?! Check out ’Swagnition’ written and performed by the wonderful CPA kid, their ING Direct mentors and the SongDivision band. Every song written since 2004 means a lot to all involved, and always will. This song is going to be no different, a beautiful memento of the fabulous year-long adventure everyone had together.

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