Omnicom Media Group, Santa Barbara

Omnicom Media Group flew its global executive team to Santa Barbara for a three-day conference. 300 people spent three days at the beautiful Bacara Resort to celebrate their achievements from 2015 and review their goals for 2016. How could they foster new connections and strengthen existing bonds between colleagues that work in different corners of the world? With SongDivision’s help!

SongDivision delivered their wildly popular Lip Sync Battle Team Building Program. The assembly was broken up into 15 teams of 20 and given an hour to select a song and choreograph a performance. People were taken out of their comfort zones for the usual office politics to disappear, to an environment where opinions are expressed without fear of criticism and creativity muscles are flexed. An elimination round judged by the Omnicom heads boiled the 15 teams down to 3 finalists. No small task! Afterwards, everyone gathered in the general session ballroom for the exciting finals and a winner was selected by audience applause. Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas turned out to be the perfect song to inspire a full-blown performance piece! It was all about having a blast with your colleagues, making connections, being creative, being competitive, and making a difference back in the workplace.

The Results:

In two hours, this shared, creative experience celebrated major achievements and focused the team for it’s next challenge, setting them up for more success!

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