A Global Media Conglomerate brought together 300 of its people for a three day regional kick-off. The aim was to set goals for the upcoming year, whilst improving relationships between the employees who came from over ten different countries in the region.

The group of 300 was split into 15 teams of 20 people - each team was given an hour to pick a famous song, choreograph it and rehearse. Then it was time for the battle! Teams performed for a panel of three executives, who decided a winner from each round. This process continued until there were only four teams left, setting the stage for the grand finale in the main ballroom. The winning team’s performance of Bruno Mars' ‘Uptown Funk’ received a standing ovation, ending the day on a major high!

The Results:

By taking everyone just out of their comfort zone, SongDivision’s Lip Sync Battle enabled colleagues to interact with each other in a way that was different to the normal office routine, getting to know each other in a fun, positive way. In just two hours, this friendly competition helped build camaraderie, resulting in improved productivity back in the workplace.

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