At Starwood’s pre-FICP Annual Conference’s VIP reception for select planners, they wanted the attendees to have an up close and personal taste of what Nashville is all about…songwriting! SongDivision new just what to do.

As guests mingled in cowboy boots and hats, our team of seasoned Nashville cats gave everyone a moment to remember, courtesy of the ‘3 Minute Song’. Folks lined up and after answering a few questions such as ‘What do you like most about Nashville?’, ‘What’s your favorite food?’ and even ‘What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for fun?’ our musicians wrote and performed a super short song, all about THEM in under 3 minutes!

The Results:

A truly personalized memento that the guests could share with their friends, which documented their evening and the fabulous time they had at Starwood’s event.

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