Hewlett Packard Singapore called on SongDivision to engage and energise their annual conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. Retaining and absorbing key learnings from the plenary sessions and breakouts during the day was a critical factor for SongDivision’s involvement, and keeping these learnings front of mind in a really fun way during the celebrations at the gala dinner and awards.

The group was split into 4 groups in breakout rooms of 60-70 people, and split into the territories: Japan/Korea/India/Vietnam/Thailand, Singapore, China and Oceania (AUS/NZ). Each group was given facilitators with the appropriate Musical and Language skills. The SongDivision band, whose members play with the likes Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Laura Fuji, facilitated the staff to write and perform a completely original song about their values and goals for the upcoming year in one 45 minute block during a break out session. Each group then participated in a 10 minute rehearsal with the full band shortly after, to tighten and practice their respective songs. The groups then reconvened that evening at the Gala/Awards Night, and during the Battle of the Bands Section of the event, performed their song, which was judged by a panel made up from the senior leadership team. The winning song/team/performance was chosen and much fun was had by all in the process! In addition to energising the plenary sessions & facilitating the Battle of the Bands, SongDivision then provided all the entertainment at the Gala Awards Dinner, playing winners on and off the stage before filling the dance floor with hits from the past 4 decades.

The Results:

The fabulous winning song (Singapore was the chosen winner) was used as the soundtrack to the conference highlights reel, meaning the emotion and key messages will resonate long after the event. All delegates were completely engaged, with songs written in Mandarin, Japanese, Indian & English. AMAZING ROI!

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