Kraft foods brought in SongDivision to engage senior managers in their Leadership Summit, by helping them write, record and perform their own song about being a part of "The New Kraft Foods". Kraft had undergone some structural changes, which included new messaging regarding the company's direction. The team had the morning to get the writing and recording done, and would then perform it in front of members of senior leadership at a luncheon immediately afterwards.

The Solution: Team Anthem

SongDivision found an excellent dual-purpose facility in Chicago that had both a venue and a recording studio under the same roof. In the weeks leading up to the event, we'd interviewed the meeting leaders to gain a clear understanding of their key objectives and what the song should be about.

On the day, participants were introduced to the SongDivision process and then quickly engaged in reaching a large-group consensus on direction of the musical arrangement. Then 4 groups of 10 were formed to work on the lyrics. After the lyrics were brought back and presented, the whole group came together on final decisions about the verses, chorus, and bridge. The song was then performed and recorded by the entire group using the facility's studio.

The Results:

The Kraft team worked together on all levels to fine tune their leadership skills and collectively achieve something they didn't think was possible, create an amazing song! The core messaging about the company's new direction was taken from the Powerpoint and brought to life in a recording that resonated with the participants and their colleagues long after the event.

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