The Retail Facilities Summit brings top executives of store development, design and construction from the nation’s leading retailers together to do business. Event producers at CraigMichaels knew that if they could create connections between the attendees right from the very start, it would result in much more business being done and guarantee the success of the summit. They looked no further than SongDivision to kick things off at the welcome reception.

The Solution: The Song Slam

Led by SongDivision's team of facilitators who have performed alongside artists like Lady Gaga, The Stray Cats and members of Led Zeppelin, the summit's attendees got an exclusive opportunity to connect with each other and reinforce the key themes of the summit by writing and performing songs with some of the the best in the music biz. They were put into groups of 10, giving them a chance to really get to know each other - and nothing brings people together like a little friendly competition!  

The Results:

SongDivision took this welcome reception to new heights and the results were outstanding. The ice was immediately broken and connections were made that continued on through the summit and resulted in business deals being signed. Check out some of the highlights of the day as well as some great attendee feedback.

Testimonial: Here's what Michael Owens, VP of production from Craig Michaels had to say:

And here's highlight footage from the event:

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