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CSR Storytelling With Songs

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CSR Storytelling With Songs

Music is emotion. Emotions drive people's actions. That makes songwriting an extremely powerful tool in supporting your CSR program!

This interactive keynote will demonstrate how songwriting will bring attention to your community and sustainability efforts. In addition to being a keynote, it's also a team building experience called on by Fortune 500's around the globe.

Your group will actually create an original song about your own CSR project! This team building element results in a recording of your song that you can share with the world, communicating the great work you've done and attracting more resources for the future.

Using the story of SongDivison's grassroots growth from a local teen mentoring workshop to a global pioneer of music-based communication programs, this keynote demonstrates how the emotional experience of a song can light the spark within each of us. That spark, when nurtured, can create small and consistent changes in our personal behavior resulting in sweeping changes that benefit our work environment, our communities and beyond. It can also help us find the support that our CSR programs so desperately need.

Practical takeaways include:

  • A recording of your original song that can be used to generate support for your CSR efforts internally within your company, or from the world via social media
  • A globally proven team building experience where your group will collectively achieve something together they didn't think possible, creating an original song!
  • Communication, Creativity & Collaboration. Along with a 'Yes' mentality, the three fundamentals required to write a song are the same fundamentals required to create a culture of innovation in the workplace

Whether a 15 minute Ted-style talk or a 30 to 90 minute keynote, this interactive session will engage, educate and entertain your audience.


CSR Team Building

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Group Size

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Session length from 15min to 90min

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Bankers Fidelity Customer Testimonial

"It was fantastic. Angus was terrific and it was a great start to our program. I’d definitely book him again."
- Rick Burns - Bankers Fidelity

Benefits of CSR Storytelling


Connect with your audience using the universal language of music and the rock & roll energy of a world-class band.


Have your team achieve something together that they didn't think was possible, resulting in group cohesiveness and improved productivity back in the workplace.


A song about your CSR work will help spread the word to your company, association or the public, resulting in continued support for future projects!

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"Everything was perfection! It was such a great way to close out the conference and have heard great reviews of the presentation! You have all been fantastic to work with and really appreciate everything you did."
- Megan Fournier - Meetings & Education Coordinator, Home Care Alliance

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