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Customer Testimonials

A great company connecting employees and customers using the power of music

Our Customer WSECU

"I've been a CEO for over 25 years and we've never had a session where we got this kind of energy and excitement in the room..."

Our Customer Conde Nast

"SongDivision did an amazing job. Everyone had a fantastic time, taking our meeting from the morning and bringing it to life in the afternoon."
- Conde Nast

Our Customer Bayers

"What SongDivision accomplished was absolutely fabulous. You kicked off a journey into a new culture and I'm so grateful for your support."
- Bayers

McDonalds Customer Testimonial

"Special thanks to the amazing SongDivision crew. The team activities were executed perfectly and with such energy and passion. It was very well received by our entire group, so congratulations to you all!"
- Vanessa McCallum - Events Manager, McDonald's

Our Customer sun Life Financials

"SongDivision did such a marvelous job creating so much energy... thank you SongDivision for all the great work you did for us!"
- Sun Life Financials

Our Customer Virgin

"It was a beautiful song, a wonderful welcome, and it's been a fantastic day!"
- Virgin

Our customer Microsoft

"SongDivision rocked our world. They sent us out from our event in very high spirits, I really recommend these guys!"
- Microsoft

Siemens Customer Testimonial

"Your team of musicians and facilitators skilfully guided our group through an outstanding team building activity. The sales process, planning and program execution were flawless. Thank you for making our work event such a success!"
- Christine Becker Anderson, CMP - Event Manager, SIEMENS

Our customer GSK

"I can't believe how good SongDivision was for our sales force. The outcomes were amazing."

Our customer Amex

"You guys are unbelievable! You helped us connect our people. You helped us bring our meeting to life. You guys are the BEST!"
- American Express

Our customer Time Warner Cable

"We just finished a fabulous day singing and writing our own song with SongDivision - it was phenomenal, we'll carry this with us for a long time."
- Time Warner

Wilson Dow Group Customer Work Group Testimonial

"What can I say? SongDivision rocked! Now I have to figure out how we can match this energy next year. Please express to your team how much the Wilson Dow group enjoyed and was impressed by the energy, professionalism and verve with which they conducted themselves. Thank you for a great team building activity and a great show!"
- David Cushing - Executive Producer, Wilson Dow Group

Our customer On Board Experiential Marketing

"SongDivision were fantastic. Great guys to work with, really engaged with the brand and weaved in our theme. A fabulous experience."
- On Board Experiantal Marketing

Our Customer Pitney Bowes

"I can't express how many people have told me how great it was."
- Pitney Bowes

Our customer Grupo Alatur

"It was such a joy toSongDivision in our event. I couldn't think of anything more perfect..."
- Grupo Alatur

Microsoft Customer Work Group Testimonial

"Everyone loved it. Was definitely a high note to finish our two day event. Please kindly thank the team for us, they did a fantastic job with our group and we’re thrilled with the result"
- Stella Guo - Microsoft

Our customer Republic Finance

"I'd like to thank Song Division for helping us go platinum here in Nashville! It couldn't have gone better, they made it a fabulous event."
- Republic Finance

Our customer Commonwealth Bank

"Song Division - absolutely brilliant!"
- Commonwealth Bank

Our customer Undertone Networks

"We just had an awesome time with Song Division. They worked hard, they made all our people feel special....we highly recommend them."
- Undertone

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