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Many of you have 'Built A Bike', now you can 'Build A Band'! Music is an amazing gift to anyone, especially children. With funding for music programs in schools dwindling, many kids are deprived of the incredible benefits that playing music brings them, intellectually, creatively and emotionally.

With our CSR Team Building programs, not only will your team form closer connections, they'll experience first-hand the power of music before donating much needed instruments to disadvantaged school kids.


Your team arrives at a venue of your choice

  • 10 minutes

Our CSR programs can be delivered at your venue of choice - from ballrooms to offices, in recording studios or at a resort!

To kick things off on a high note, the SongDivision band will welcome everyone with a high-energy hit song, displaying their incredible skills and immediately transporting everyone into a new head-space.



  • 10 minutes

The SongDivision MC introduces the band members who've worked with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Prince, Adele and Taylor Swift.

The MC outlines what's about to happen - everyone is going to be split into groups, where they will be assigned a hit song to learn, then perform them in a rock concert! Despite some initial fears, everyone is reassured that they don't need ANY musical experience at all, and nobody will have to sing solo.

Before the group work begins, a short video is played showing where the instruments will be donated after the event - to school kids who will get to experience the same thrill from playing music that your group is about to experience first-hand.

Team Work

Roles Assigned

  • 10 minutes

With one of our incredible musicians facilitating, each person is assigned a role - guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and then of course, the singers!

For those who might not want to 'front the band' they can jump on the drums or one of the other instruments, and for those who love the limelight, they can sing and show off their best Mick Jagger moves.

Creative Process


  • 60 minutes

Using 'Rock The Stars' proprietary process, each group learns their specific part of the song. The 'rhythm section' (drums and bass) then work together, then the guitar and keyboards, and finally the singers.

Once the song starts taking shape, it's time to work on some choreography. From James Brown to Taylor Swift, we've seen it all!

Team Performance

Battle Of The Bands

  • 60 minutes

Now it's time to take all that hard work and put it on the stage! A little nervous energy is a good thing, helping focus the performance and making it something special.

Performances are always a huge highlight, with groups doing something together they never thought was possible whilst being cheered on by their colleagues.


Giving Back

  • 10 minutes

Where can we go after the high of the rock concert? The most emotional and satisfying part of the day is still to come. The instruments used in the team building program are donated to a well deserving local school that will be putting the guitars, drums and keyboards to great use.

Where possible, the donation will be done in person to the kids. If not, there will be a representative from the school to accept on their behalf and thank everyone for the huge difference they're about to make in these children's lives via this gift of music.

Sessions are typically 3 hours, however all programs are tailored to suit your specific needs.

'Build A Band' is a great way to create your own entertainment for your Gala Dinner and Awards night. The bands learn their songs as the team building program during the day, then perform them at the big dinner that night! Check out all our Entertainment and Gala Dinner & Awards options here).

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