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There's nothing like being in a famous recording studio! Take your team out of their daily routines, roles and habits, and put them in a magical world where they can create new connections and improve group cohesiveness and productivity back in the workplace.

Three hours is a typical length for our Recording Studio Experience, however all programs are tailored to suit your specific needs. Here's a typical agenda:

Recording Studio Experience Entertainment


  • 20 minutes

As your team enters the recording studio they are welcomed by an amazing band playing a hit song.

The SongDivision MC will then welcome everyone, introducing the band members and some of the stars they've worked with. They'll also hear a fascinating history of the recording studio and some of the legendary artists who've recorded there.

The mission is then revealed - the group is going to write a completely original song, both music an lyrics, then record it just the like the stars do! The thought of singing will strike fear into many, but they're quickly put at ease by the MC, as no one will have to sing on their own.

Creative Process

Music & Lyrics

  • 90 minutes

The band demonstrates the songwriting process, showing how they can immediately make the written word sound like a song on the radio! This demonstration makes everyone forget any concerns or cynicism, thinking "with the help of this fabulous band, our song is going to sound amazing!"

Small groups are formed, each assigned to write their own verse or the chorus for the song. We will have worked on the song topic with you leading up to the event so that it achieves your specific business objectives.


Roll Tape!

  • 80 minutes

Once the lyrics are finished, the group gets to hear what their words sound like over the music. Remember, the music and lyrics are COMPLETELY original, your team won't be changing the words to 'Uptown Funk'. This will be their very own song, which makes it infinitely more special and something they'll remember forever.

Now it's time to record! The group goes into the 'Control Room' (where the large mixing console is), where they watch through the glass as the SongDivision band 'lays down' the music, which is recorded by the sound engineer. Then it's their turn - everyone heads into the main room, puts on head phones, and the vocals are recorded!



  • 60 minutes

Once the music and vocals are recorded, the group heads back to the control room where they watch and listen to the sound engineer 'mix' their track, a fascinating process which will forever change the way you listen to songs on the radio.

The big finale - the finished recording is played back through the big speakers, nice and loud, a thrilling experience for everyone, and a time for everyone to enjoy their collective achievement!

There are many more details to this unique experience, but we're not going to give away all our secrets here. Suffice to say the program is loved by leading companies around the world. If you'd like to learn more about how our Recording Studio Experience can help improve your team's performance, give us a call, we'd love to hear from you!

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