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Teams write completely original songs with help from musicians who work with the likes of Prince, Adele and David Bowie... then perform them in a 'battle of the bands' showdown. Song Slams are always tailored to your specific needs, but here’s what a typical agenda looks like:



Your team arrives at a venue of your choice

  • 10 - 30 Minutes

Your team arrives at a venue of your choice: ballroom, recording studio, office, music venue…Song Slams have even been held on the beach!

The SongDivision band will welcome everyone with a hit song, blowing your people away with their skills and making them instantly forget that this is a team building event.


Our MC takes the stage

  • 10 - 30 Minutes

Our MC introduces the band members and the acts they’ve played with, e.g. Kylie, Silverchair, INXS, Sia, Swedish House Mafia, Jess Mauboy and Barnsey.

The MC reveals what’s about to happen, putting everyone at ease by letting them know that “no-one has to sing on their own, and you won’t need a musical bone in your body!"

Team work

Your group is split into smaller teams

  • 1-2 Hours

Your group is split into smaller teams and each team is assigned a musician/facilitator (or several facilitators for larger teams).

Each team has approximately one hour to write a completely original song based on key company objectives that we’ve worked closely with you to define leading up to the event.

Creative Process

Music is created

  • 1-2 Hours

Music is created with help from the group, revealing hidden musical talents, but again, no musical experience is necessary.

The group chooses the style - rock, reggae, country, funk, rap, whatever they desire!

Lyrics are written using both small and large group work, involving everyone, so that it’s EVERYONE’s song!

And remember, they’re writing a COMPLETELY original song, not changing the words to ‘Hotel California’ or ‘Up Town Funk’ (which anyone can do), it’s their song, making it so much more special, more effective, and why the lyrics (about your company’s objectives) resonate long after the event.

Team Performance

Each team performs their new hit song on the main stage

  • 40 - 60 minutes

After the songs are written and rehearsed, everyone returns to the main stage where each team performs their new hit song backed by the amazing SongDivision band!

Who sings the song? (That’s the question we get asked the most.) Everyone sings! The process is so good, that all those folks who thought “I’ll never sing on stage” at the start of the process, are so pumped and proud of the song they’ve just written with their colleagues that you couldn’t stop them from singing - in fact, they’re asking “who owns the copyright?”

Healthy Competition

Judging panel of company executives pick the winning team

  • 30 minutes

If you like a little friendly competition, a judging panel of company executives (or whoever you’d like) pick the winning team, or you can skip the judging panel so that everyone’s a winner!

This entire process can be done in 2 hours (even 1.5 hours if that’s all you’ve got), but 3 hours is the most common time frame

If you’re having a Gala Dinner and Awards night, a popular option is to have the songwriting process in the afternoon, with the song performance as your evening entertainment, followed by a dance-floor filling cover set from YOUR SongDivision band (which can include live-band karaoke, lip sync battles and more - check out all our Entertainment and Gala Dinner & Awards options here)

We could go into lots of detail about how the songwriting process works, and why it works so well in engaging, educating and entertaining teams. But we’re not going to here, because it’s SongDivision’s proprietary process, our secret source. We invented it and we’ve been thrilling tens of thousands of people with it from leading companies since 2003 in over 25 countries. If you want to know exactly how it works, give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through the process in detail!

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