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Let us take care of all your entertainment needs, engage your guests and highlight key event themes in a fun and unforgettable way. We'll do all the heavy lifting and have your guests telling you "that was the best event ever!"

The amazing SongDivision band and MC, consisting of musicians who work with the biggest stars on the planet, will be your house band for the night. They'll bring an electrifying, rock & roll energy to your event – think 'The Roots' with Jimmy Fallon or Letterman's band.

Despite the excitement the individual award winners feel, we all know that things can get a little dull and repetitious when you are an audience member during these presentations. But not when SongDivision is involved! Award winners and speakers will be played on and off the stage, just like the Grammys, playing appropriate, fun songs that have your people dancing in their seats and looking forward to the next announcement.



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PwC Customer Testimonial

"Thanks for such a great event, it went down a storm. I never thought I'd see a CEO duet ‘Just The Two Of Us’ with the head of HR! Love working with you."
- Lawrence Goldstone, Partner - PwC

Entertainment Options

You can thrill your guests with all of the following fabulous entertainment options, or mix and match to taste!

Lip Sync Battle Corporate Entertainment

Lip Sync Battle

Spice up your next event with a Lip Sync Battle! The fabulous SongDivision MC will ensure both the 'lip-syncers' and audience have the time of their lives. Every single one of your guests can participate and no pre-event preparation is required. We've developed a 'mass lip sync battle' that has everyone busting moves, with the most entertaining being selected for the final showdown. Alternatively, you can pre-select a handful of your most outrageous employees, executives or guests to battle it out.

Gala Dinner Packages - House Band

House Band for Gala Awards

The SongDivision band will be the house band for the awards program performing appropriate, upbeat musical interludes to play people on and off the stage when presenting or accepting awards in the vein of the Grammys™. Give your awards program the jumpstart it needs!

Gala Dinner Packages - Custom Song

Custom Song

Your night will have it's very own anthem, capturing key event themes and providing the soundtrack to your highlights reel that will resonate long after everyone's gone home. The song can be created in different ways to help you achieve your objectives.

Gala Dinner Packages - Rock & Roll Game Show

Rock & Roll Game Show

The perfect way to get your guests interacting! Over dinner, tables compete in a live-band game show (it's music-trivia-on-steroids), including segments like 'Name That Tune' and questions that highlight your key event themes in a fun and effective way. Hilarious 'Performance Challenges' will reveal hidden talents amongst your guests!

Gala Dinner Packages - Live Band Kareoke

Not-So-Silent Auction

Perfect for fundraisers, your guests can 'bid' for a limited number of spots to perform with the band. This can be done on the night, or a silent auction in the days or months leading up to your event. Bid to sing, play an instrument, or just dance with the band, so you can brag that "David Bowie, Adele and I all play with the same guitarist and keyboard player!" The stage isn't for everyone however, so you can even have people bidding 'not' to perform with the band!

Gala Dinner Packages - Not So Silent Action

Live-Band Karaoke

The set-list can be available for people to sign-up for a 'special guest appearance' with the band during the dance set. Fear not, this won't degenerate into 'open mic night' – we're skilled at finding the perfect balance between interactive entertainment and keeping the dance floor pumping. Give your guests the chance to 'BE IN THE BAND!'

Gala Dinner Packages - Dance Band

Dance Band

The amazing SongDivision band will fill the dance floor with hits from the last four decades. Your guests will be amazed at the band's extensive repertoire, which can also be themed to suit your event.

Fujitsu Customer Testimonial

"The feedback from Fujitsu management and their delegates who attended the recent Summit event iis nothing short of extraordinary. Most expressed their opinion of the SongDivision entertainment in a word – "Fantastic!" In fact, you and your wonderful team of professionals have been judged as providing the best interactive entertainment ever for this elite international event. We would not hesitate to recommend SongDivision to anyone planning a show aimed at maximum audience captivation, and participation. Anyone seeking a 'best yet' rating would be well advised to engage SongDivision for their next event."
- Errol Jones, Even Producer - Fujitsu

Benefits of Gala Dinner & Awards Packages

Communication & Interaction

SongDivision's 'Rock & Roll Music Game Show' fosters interaction among attendees, ensuring a high-energy atmosphere at your event.


Your people will literally be singing the key messages you want them to take away, which will resonate with them long after the event.

Return On Investment

Let us take care of both your conference energizer during the day and the entertainment that night, bringing you a consistent musical theme, logistical ease and greater ROI.


Customer Testimonials

Subaru testimonial

"Couldn't be better - couldn't be happier! I take them every single year!."

- Subaru
Bayers testimonial

"SongDivision rocked our world. They sent us out from our event in very high spirits."

- Bayer
Pitney Bowes Testimonial

"I can't express how many people have told me how great it was."

- Pitney Bowes

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Case Studies

Dallas Gala Dinner Case Study

Dallas Gala Dinner

500 Participants

The International Special Events Society is the premier association for special event professionals - so who do they call on to provide the entertainment for their annual Esprit Awards? SongDivision Singapore!

Las Vegas Holiday Party

1,500 Participants

Check out our Las Vegas crew rocking Caesars Holiday party for 1,500 revellers at the iconic Caesars Palace. Hits from the last four decades meant for a packed dance floor and fabulous celebration.

Gala Dinner Sydney

1,500 people

Songdivision Singapore band members whom play with the likes of Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue, energised plenary sessions then provided all entertainment at gala awards dinner that night.

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