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We use the power of music to effectively engage your audience.

What We Do

At SongDivision, we develop creative solutions to help you best communicate your message and entertain your audience, through the power and magic of music. We offer a number of programs in the following areas that can be tailored to your needs:

Microsoft Customer Work Group Testimonial

"Everyone loved it. Was definitely a high note to finish our two day event. Please kindly thank the team for us, they did a fantastic job with our group and we’re thrilled with the result"
- Stella Guo - Microsoft

Why We Rock

At SongDivision, we not only love what we do, we truly believe we can help you deliver the results you want. Our business is based on:

Power of Music

We believe that music is one of the most powerful tools for engaging people from all walks of life.


We have pioneered interactive songwriting, allowing our clients to effectively communicate with their audience.

First Class Talent

Our team consists of the most professional, and definitely most passionate, musical and business talent across the globe.

Trusted Globally

With a presence in key markets around the globe, we have the talent and local know-how to help your business, no matter where you are.

Customer Testimonials

Our Customer Bayers

“What SongDivision accomplished was absolutely fabulous. You kicked off a journey into a new culture and I’m so grateful for your support.”

- Bayers
Our Customer Virgin

“It was a beautiful song, a wonderful welcome, and it’s been a fantastic day!”

- Virgin
Our customer Microsoft

“SongDivision rocked our world. They sent us out from our event in very high spirits, I really recommend these guys!”

- Microsoft

Why Should You Choose Us?

The World's Leading Organizations Turn to Us

We are a trusted partner, designing and implementing ongoing programs that engage, entertain and educate their audiences.

Our Experience

Founded in 2003, we've engaged, educated and entertained over 100,000 people in 22 countries and counting, in 10 different languages.

We are the Global Leader

We've been pioneering group songwriting for over a decade, working with groups from 10 to 10,000+ in Meetings & Events, L&D and Experiential Marketing.

Our Qualified Team

Our global management team has a unique combination of corporate, educational, facilitation, production, marketing, and Grammy Award winning musical skills.

Our Focus is You

From our initial conversations with you to execution and beyond, our focus is always helping you achieve your objectives and a healthy return on your investment!

CSR Leader

10% of all our work is pro bono music programs for the disadvantaged, so if you’re working with us, you’re also giving back to the community.

McDonalds Customer Testimonial

"Special thanks to the amazing SongDivision crew. The team activities were executed perfectly and with such energy and passion. It was very well received by our entire group, so congratulations to you all!"
- Vanessa McCallum - Events Manager, McDonalds

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