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Building A Culture of Innovation

"Communication, Creativity & Collaboration"

Innovation. Leading businesses depend on it for their ongoing success. But what is innovation really...and how do you get it?!

Since 2003, SongDivision has been called on by Fortune 100 companies in over twenty countries to improve Communication, Creativity and Collaboration in the workplace. These three 'C's are the vital ingredients in creating a culture of innovation.

In this engaging and highly effective keynote, the songwriting process is used to demonstrate the qualities your people collectively need to innovate and succeed. Practical takeaways that can be immediately applied in the workplace include:

  • A refresher on active listening (it's much rarer than you think)
  • The experience of a safe, fun environment where people can express ideas to solve workplace challenges without fear of criticism
  • A 'yes' mentality where the focus is on the solution, not the problem
  • Collectively achieving something together the group previously didn't think possible (creating an original song), improving group cohesiveness and productivity back in the workplace

Whether a 15 minute Ted-style talk or a 30 to 90 minute keynote, this interactive session will engage, educate and entertain, helping you create a culture of innovation and a bigger bottom line.



  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Sales Kick-Offs
  • Post Merger & Acquisition Integration
  • New Hires
  • Learning & Development

Group Size

Any size audience

Session Length

15 minute TED-style talk or
30 to 90 minute keynote

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Bankers Fidelity Customer Testimonial

"It was fantastic. Angus was terrific and it was a great start to our program. I’d definitely book him again."
- Rick Burns - Bankers Fidelity

Benefits of Innovation Keynote


Connect with your audience using the universal language of music and the rock & roll energy of a world-class band.


The experience of a safe, fun environment where people can express ideas freely to solve workplace challenges with a 'yes mentality'.


Have your team achieve something together that they didn't think was possible, resulting in group cohesiveness and improved productivity back in the workplace.


Customer Testimonials

Our customer Microsoft

"SongDivision rocked our world. They sent us out from our event in very high spirits."

Our customer Bayers

"SongDivision rocked our world. They sent us out from our event in very high spirits."

Our customer Pitney Bowers

"I can't express how many people have told me how great it was."

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Home Care Alliance Customer Testimonial

"Everything was perfection! It was such a great way to close out the conference and have heard great reviews of the presentation! You have all been fantastic to work with and really appreciate everything you did."
- Megan Fournier - Meetings & Education Coordinator, Home Care Alliance

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