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Learning & Development

Break on Through to the Other Side!
A Different Approach to Corporate Learning & Development

One of the greatest gifts you can give your people is the opportunity to learn and grow.

Enjoy a return on investment through increased employee engagement and motivated teams. Experience the thrill of energizing everyone to contribute to your company's bottom line by strengthening their capabilities!

SongDivision offers a learning experience that provides so much more than the average training session. It offers a unique blend of highly trained instructors and the world's leading musical talent.

Our programs will help individuals increase their skills using sound, sight and collaboration. Engage your learners and create a culture of participation, exploration, sharing, learning and fun!

Trainers call on us to design an experiential component to enhance their existing programs.

We also have the following stand-alone programs delivered by our world-class L&D experts:

  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • New Hires
  • Sales Training
  • Conflict Management

Learning & Development

Cindy Novotny, MCA founder and an internationally renowned leader in sales, leadership and customer service.


Learning & Development

  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • New Hires
  • Sales Training
  • Conflict Management

Group Size

Any size group

Session Length

Tailored to suit your needs

Need a custom event solution?

Our corporate events and activities are tailored to your specific needs.

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Customer Testimonials

Time Warner Cable

"We just spent a great daSongDivision - helping us come together with one common voice as we focus on shifting our culture."


"I can't believe how good Song Division was for our sales force. The outcomes were amazing."

Undertone Networks

"We just had an awesome time with Song Division. They worked hard, they made all our people feel special... we highly recommend them."

Collaborate with YOU

Learning & Development
Learning & Development

As our client, you provide us with topic guidelines and training subject matter.

In turn, SongDivision will bring to you customized and highly skilled facilitation from our expert L&D trainers and music professionals, who will take an average learning session and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Our unique programs will help your staffers discover how they can have a greater impact on their return to the office.

Focus on the Learner

By unlocking the potential of your employees, you can help develop their talent.

SongDivision will help focus your people through inclusive, visual-style learning and a complete 'experience' as opposed to less effective 'training'. They will now be armed with the skills and confidence to contribute to YOUR business success.

Thought-Provoking Engagement Tools

SongDivision offers a wealth of creative materials to excite your team to learn about your targeted business challenges, objectives and employee expectations.

Learning & Development


We'll provide pre-assessments to understand your organization's key performance indicators in learning. These short, engaging surveys enable us to deliver the ultimate tailored experience through which to accomplish your learning goals.

Once the program has concluded, SongDivision will ensure that the learning continues by sharing materials and follow-up sessions either in person or via teleconference. We'll also provide your employees with updated tools that will continue to serve their growth in current roles and beyond.

Engage With Music

Have you ever created a catchy tune to help you remember an equation or historical fact?

Learning & Development

Music and memory are intrinsically linked, making music an invaluable learning tool. By including some of the world's foremost musical talent in our sessions, your people will literally walk away singing your company's key messages as an output of the program!

As the global pioneers of group songwriting, our proprietary processes provide a vital experiential component to the sessions, allowing participants to establish trust through collaboration in a safe and fun environment. Creating lyrics based on objectives measurably increases retention, and the songs serve as ongoing reminders of learning goals that will produce results back in the workplace.

No musical experience is required, and nobody has to sing on his or her own.

Visual Learning

Our learning facilitators also use visuals to engage your staff into exploring the learning subject matter. This creates a direct connection to the course content, helping them gravitate toward visuals that spark their interest while giving them the opportunity to explore topics with greater depth.

Customer Testimonial

"A Huge Thank You! The Leadership Team literally had tears of joy in their eyes during the performance of the song and have been riding a big high back in the work place!"

Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods Testimonials

Benefits of Learning & Development with Us


Using the power of music, your people will put down their phones, pay attention and join in the fun! Fortune 500 companies have been calling on us since 2003 to produce tangible results that last.


Your people will literally be singing the key messages you want them to take away, which will resonate with them long after the event.

Return On Investment

Our pre and post assessments will guarantee we're helping you target the right issues and improve capabilities that produce measureable results.


Have your team achieve something together that they didn’t think was possible, resulting in group cohesiveness and improved productivity back in the workplace.


Creativity, Communication and Collaboration are essential ingredients for building a culture of innovation.

Global Partner

We are able to deliver consistent, effective programs to your teams all around the world, having worked with Fortune 500's in over 20 countries.

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