Music Team Building, Orlando - Western Union

Starkey Productions brought SongDivision in to provide one of three music team building activities for Western Union’s 2012 Global Sales Conference. During a jam packed afternoon at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Song Division was definitely the top choice for attendees. The SongDivision band & key facilitators, featuring some of Miami’s top session musicians (they’ve played with Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Paulina Rubio, T.I., and Flo-Rida just to name a few), led the group in writing three up-beat and invigorating songs that stayed “on message” with the themes of the conference and the goals that the company had set for the year. 

From Rock to Reggae to Calypso the songs were all winners, but the Calypso tune took the day, with a catchy chorus, infectious rhythms and the newly unveiled “Moving Money For Better” slogan front and center as the song’s chorus. The participants were buzzing for the rest of the day from their unique and memorable musical experience.Thanks Western Union and thank you Starkey Productions!

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