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SXSW 2016 Highlights

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SXSW 2016 Highlights

South by Southwest (SXSW) began 30 years ago in Austin Texas, as a small music conference aimed at garnering attention for local bands. It is now a city-wide music, film and tech conference that attracts over one hundred thousand people each year.

The first five days of the conference are called ‘Interactive’, where IT leaders give us look into the future. Virtual reality (VR) was definitely the big topic, and the opening keynote was Barack Obama himself.

Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to be picked out of the draw to attend that one, but I did spend the next nine incredible days learning about the latest tech trends, the current state of the music industry, and catching some of the hottest acts (both new and old) from around the globe. Here’s a little taste of my SXSW ’16.

2016 South by Southwest Tech legend Bob Metcalfe
Tech legend Bob Metcalfe (right), inventor of the Ethernet, being mobbed by my buddy Andrew Findlay...
2016 South by Southwest - Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR
2016 South by Southwest - >Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson at Spotify House
2016 South by Southwest Joel Edgerton
Aussie actor Joel Edgerton (right)
2016 South by Southwest - Ramen Noodle Burger
Austin Food Trucks - 'Ramen Noodle Burger'
2016 South by Southwest - Questlove
Questlove (music guru, bandleader and drummer for The Roots / Tonight Show), doing a random (and wonderful) lunchtime DJ set in an Austin restaurant.
2016 South by Southwest Neil Harbison
3D printed sculpture by Isaac Budmen of the world’s first government recognised cyborg, Neil Harbison. Neil is able to hear colour through an integrated antenna. Born seeing only grayscale, Neil developed this technology over a decade and can now sense colour as sound. Neil's sculpture is a life-size bust with the very same enhancements. During the 6 month exhibition Neil's actual head will be wirelessly connected to the sculpture. That means when colours are held up to the sculpture's embedded antenna, Neil can hear those colours in his head from wherever he is on the planet.
2016 South by Southwest Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop performing at Austin City Limits Live, with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age on guitar and Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys on drums. A major SXSW highlight, Iggy and the band were in red hot form, shirt off in the second song and crowdsurfing.
2016 South by Southwest - Tony Visconti
Tony Visconti - Legendary record producer (Bowie, T-Rex, Morrissey). Tony knew he wanted to make records when he was just five years old, after wondering where the echo effect on records came from. As part of the keynote, Tony read his short story about a possible dystopian future for the record business, with a monopolistic record company that releases one single a week from one pop star who is drawn from a lottery. His critique of the record business is that it's too formulaic, the quality is missing.
2016 South by Southwest - Andrew Stockdale
Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale (with the hair).
2016 South by Southwest Mark Mothersbaugh
Mark Mothersbaugh - DEVO frontman, composer for Wes Anderson films, and visual artist. At the age of seven, Mark knew he wanted to be an artist when his art teacher said he drew trees better than she did. DEVO was an art group that formed immediately after the Kent State shootings in 1970, a comment that society that was 'DEVO'lving, not evolving. He's interested in the 90% of the brain we don't use.
2016 South by Southwest - Nate Mendel
Nate Mendel from the Foo Fighters (far left) and a panel discuss the blurry lines between art and commerce. When songs or artists are associated with brands, is it 'selling out' or a good career move? The answer from the panel? "It all depends..."
2016 South by Southwest John Legend
John Legend
2016 South by Southwest - Mai Nimani - Pakistan Burger
Mai Nimani - Pakistan
2016 South by Southwest - Downtown Austin
Downtown Austin in the midst of SXSW.
2016 South by Southwest The Wanderer
'The Wanderer' and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Dion (centre) is sounding great, releasing records and touring.
2016 South by Southwest - Lukas Graham
Danish sensation Lukas Graham (singer of the hit ‘7 Years) has a break from playing arenas to perform for a few hundred in Youtube’s venue at SXSW.
2016 South by Southwest - The Heavy
UK band 'The Heavy' playing their hit ‘How You Like Me Now?'
2016 South by Southwest The Wanderer
SongDivision's own James 'Roto' Rotondi (left) being the guitar wizard with his band 'Hundred Hounds'.
2016 South by Southwest - Khruangbin
One of my SXSW highlights, Houston 3-piece 'Khruangbin'. Described as Thai Funk and Surf Soul...
2016 South by Southwest - Asleep At The Wheel
Texan icons 'Asleep At The Wheel', with SongDivision's Dave Sanger on drums.
2016 South by Southwest Wolfmother
Wolfmother, playing the hits and sounding great.
2016 South by Southwest - Ron Gallo
No, it’s not Wolfmother again, it’s Ron Gallo.
2016 South by Southwest - Stonefield
Stonefield - band of sisters performing at the Aussie BBQ.
2016 South by Southwest The Gooch Palms
The Gooch Palms - brining insanity and mullets back into punk rock.
2016 South by Southwest - Hired Guns
'Hired Guns' - a panel with some of the world’s top session players, including Kenny Aronoff, Liberty DeVitto and Ray Parker Jr (who's written and played on a ton more hits that just Ghostbusters!)
2016 South by Southwest - Kenny Aronoff
Legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff (right) - I first saw him play with John 'Cougar' Mellencamp in 1988. He's since worked with everyone from Avril Lavigne to Stevie Wonder.

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