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CSR Team Building

Improve Lives With Music

The world's top companies call on SongDivision USA to deliver CSR team building programs that make a difference in both the workplace and the community.

We partner with leading non-profits, who like us, are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged kids using the power of music. Check out our partners below.

These effective, meaningful CSR team building programs will resonate with your team and the community long after your event.

You can also donate the instruments used in your team building session to school kids who need them most. By giving the gift of music, you will be enriching children's lives. Learning an instrument during developmental years is scientifically proven to improve cognition in many fields, and unfortunately music programs in many schools are severely underfunded.

The following amazing song was written and recorded by the kids from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and their ING mentors:

Works with

  • CSR Team Building
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Sales Kick-Offs
  • Incentives
  • Staff Day

Group Size

'Build A Band' - up to 200 people
'Team Anthem' - any size group

Session Length

'Build A Band' - 3 hours
'Team Anthem' - 45 to 90 minutes - View Detailed Agenda

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Benefits of CSR Team Building

Give Back

Your team will improve the lives of disadvantaged kids by giving them the gift of music, which is proven to highly increase the chance of them finishing school.


Your audience will sharpen the three skills necessary for a culture of innovation - Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.


Your people will literally be singing the key messages you want them to take away, which will resonate with them long after the event.


Have your team achieve something together that they didn't think was possible, resulting in group cohesiveness and improved productivity back in the workplace.


Connect with your audience using the universal language of music and the rock & roll energy of a world-class band.


By combining your team building and CSR efforts, you're time and money will go further in helping the community and improving the performance of your teams.

Our Not-For-Profit Partners

SongDivision CSR Team Building

Little Kids Rock (USA)

Since 2002, Little Kids Rock has built modern, relevant and engaging music education programs in inner-city public schools across the U.S. that have enriched the lives of more than 320,000 low-income schoolchildren.

SongDivision CSR Team Building

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides family-centred therapies, life skills programs, equipment and support for people living with cerebral palsy and their families.

SongDivision CSR Team Building

AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience)

AIME is a dynamic educational program that is proven to support Indigenous students through high school and into university, employment or further education at the same rate as all Australian students, giving Indigenous students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to grow and succeed.

The Salvation Army Customer Testimonial

"Thank you Song Division for supporting the young homeless people we work with. It was an inspiring and hugely successful event, everyone wants you to come back soon!"
- The Salvation Army

Event Details

SongDivision USA CSR Team Building in Action
CSR Team Building in Action
CSR Team Building
CSR Team Building in Action
CSR Team Building in Action

The gift of music

To kick things off, your team will see a short film or live performance by a band of students who have learned to make music via one of our CSR programs. Your people will see first-hand just what a difference the gift of music has made in these children's lives.

Then it's the adults' turn!

Both of the following options are led by our amazing musicians and facilitators, who've worked with the likes of Prince and David Bowie.

Option 1

'Build A Band' (Groups up to 200)

Your team will BECOME the band, taking care of the drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals. No musical experience is required and nobody will have to sing on their own! They'll learn how to play a classic hit song with guidance from some of the best musicians on the planet, and then perform in their very own rock concert!

Option 2

'Team Anthem' (Any size group)

Your team will write an original song based on key event objectives, then perform it backed by the amazing SongDivision USA band. No musical experience is required and nobody will have to sing on their own!

In all of our CSR programs your team will tap into their collective creativity, a necessary ingredient for innovation, but a quality we often think is 'just for kids.' Cutting edge companies like Google and Virgin all rely on their 'inner kid's creativity' to succeed. Other takeaways include improved group communication and collaboration, also essential for a culture of innovation.

Instruments used in the sessions will be donated to our Partners, who will deliver them to the kids and classrooms around the world where they are most needed.

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Common Fears

Groups from every industry in over 20 countries have loved and benefited from their SongDivision USA experience. Many of them had similar concerns to begin with!

SongDivision USA CSR Team Building Event

Can a three hour team building event or 45 minute conference energiser really make a difference to disadvantaged kids' lives? Yes! Kids who play music stand a much higher chance of finishing school. SongDivision USA's CSR programs put musical instruments in the hands of those who need them most, along with musical tuition from the best in the business.

Many of our CSR programs include interaction between your team and the kids. Even if it's only for an hour or two, the kids get so much out of interacting with career professionals, giving them a taste of what's possible beyond their difficult circumstances. And your team will get even more out of it than the kids!

Although these programs may seem like a 'one off', they have a huge impact by creating awareness of our not-for-profit partners. Many SongDivision USA participants have gone on to donate their time and money to helping the charities that we partner with.

Singing is scary!

The most common fear we hear is "Oh, I don't sing…" Our process has a 100% success rate in making people forget about this fear and having an amazing experience. You don't need any singing experience, and you won't be made to sing on your own! It's all about the collaborative and creative process of writing lyrics with your colleagues then perform it together. Part of the effectiveness of the program is that people start with this fear, then overcome it.

It sounds cheesy

Our facilitators are all top session musicians who play with the biggest stars on the planet. They kicks things off by playing a classic hit, blowing the participants away and making them quickly forget that this is a 'team building' event. They know how to run an amazing program, but they're far from your typical corporate 'team building facilitators'. They are extremely personable and always have lots of rock & roll war stories to share. They're anything but cheesy and they love sharing the thrill of songwriting with groups around the world. As a result, the experience is ridiculously fun and effective, but it's definitely not cheesy.

It's going to be too loud

Never fear, this isn't a Metallica concert! We're experts at working in corporate environments, making sure the volume is appropriate for the audience and passionate about helping you achieve your event objectives.

Case Studies

SongDivision USA CSR Team Building

IMEX America

30 Participants

46 meetings and events industry volunteers gathered at the Shade Tree center for abused women and children in Las Vegas to create a brand new healing garden as part of the IMEX Challenge.

SongDivision USA worked with the women and children of the shelter to compose and record a song about their life at the Shade Tree, and the song was played to kick-off the IMEX America MPI General Session the very next day.

SongDivision USA CSR Team Building

ING & Cerebral Palsy Alliance

40 Participants

Since 2004, ING executives have been mentoring kids from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, an unforgettable and impactful experience for all involved.

Each fabulous year is concluded with a SongDivision USA session, where the mentors and mentees write and record a song about their amazing shared experiences, a song that resonates for all involved for the rest of their lives!

SongDivision USA CSR Team Building

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

100 people

SongDivision USA was born out of songwriting workshops for disadvantage indigenous teenagers. We're extremely proud to partner with AIME and the amazing work they do increasing the numbers of teenagers continuing on with their education.

Each year we help the kids write and record the fabulous 'AIME Anthem'. Check it out!

Our Partners

Studio at The Palms

Las Vegas’s premier recording studio, Studio at The Palms is a state-of-the-art facility that has been home to luminaries such as Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Michael Jackson, Queen and Beyonce have all recorded some of the biggest hits on the planet. Designed by studio architect Francis Manzella, this is an 8,000-square-foot recording studio and one of the Palms' best-kept secrets.

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Daniel's Music Foundation

Daniel’s Music Foundation is dedicated to using the transformative power of music to empower individuals with developmental and physical disabilities by combining recreational music programs with community and socialization.

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Avatar Studios

Avatar Studios is a legendary New York City recording studio, home to super stars and hits for over 30 years. You name them, they’ve worked there, including Bob Dylan, The Roots, Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Roger Waters, The Strokes, and many more...

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