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Never fear, our keynote speakers aren't ageing rock stars trying to squeeze tenuous business lessons out of their tales from the tour bus! We love those stories, but they're not going to improve performance in the workplace.

SongDivision USA's keynote programs are the product of our award-winning work with Fortune 500 companies in over 20 countries, who call on us to engage, entertain and educate their audiences. Our focus is always on helping you change behaviours to drive results.

'Building A Culture Of Innovation' - Communication, Creativity & Collaboration


Innovation. Leading businesses depend on it for their ongoing success. But what is innovation really…and how do you get it?!

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Bankers Fidelity Customer Testimonial

"It was fantastic. Angus was terrific and it was a great start to our program. I’d definitely book him again."
- Rick Burns - Bankers Fidelity

CSR Storytelling With Songs

CSR Team Building with Music

SongDivision USA is called on by leading non-profits and Fortune 500's in over twenty countries to help people tell their CSR stories using the songwriting process.

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Home Care Alliance Customer Testimonial

"Everything was perfection! It was such a great way to close out the conference and have heard great reviews of the presentation! You have all been fantastic to work with and really appreciate everything you did."
- Megan Fournier - Meetings & Education Coordinator, Home Care Alliance

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Studio at The Palms

Las Vegas’s premier recording studio, Studio at The Palms is a state-of-the-art facility that has been home to luminaries such as Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Michael Jackson, Queen and Beyonce have all recorded some of the biggest hits on the planet. Designed by studio architect Francis Manzella, this is an 8,000-square-foot recording studio and one of the Palms' best-kept secrets.

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Daniel's Music Foundation

Daniel’s Music Foundation is dedicated to using the transformative power of music to empower individuals with developmental and physical disabilities by combining recreational music programs with community and socialization.

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Avatar Studios

Avatar Studios is a legendary New York City recording studio, home to super stars and hits for over 30 years. You name them, they’ve worked there, including Bob Dylan, The Roots, Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Roger Waters, The Strokes, and many more...

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