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Team Anthem

Perform an original song led by an all-star band

Generate excitement among any size audience with SongDivision USA's Team Anthem. Build group cohesiveness and communicate key event themes and messages, as attendees work together to write and perform an original song led by an all-star band.

The Team Anthem is particularly effective with large groups and adapted to fit any time frame, the Energizer unleashes creativity while setting a high energy environment to keep audiences motivated and engaged throughout the day's program.

No previous musical experience is necessary, and everyone is assured they won't have to sing solo. Unless, of course, they want to!


Conference Opener & Energizer

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Sales Kick-Offs
  • Post Merger & Acquisition Integration
  • Trade Shows
  • Product Launches

Group Size

10-10,000+ Participants

Session Length

Can be as short as two 10-minute blocks. Detailed event agenda of Team Anthem.

Popular Locations

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SIEMENS Customer Testimonial

"You guys pulled it off again! My entire communications team was blown away by the musical talent and excellent team anthem. The facilitators were awesome and managed to get everyone engaged. The entire process, from the sales side to the execution, was flawless. Thanks for all you do to make me look like a rock star!"
- Christine Becker Anderson, CMP - Event Manager, SIEMENS, Orlando

Benefits of Team Anthem

Engage Your Audience

People fall asleep during Powerpoint Presentations. They’re engaged, listening and learning when there’s a rock band and amazing MC on stage helping deliver your message!

Message Retention

You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting everyone in one place to communicate key business goals to them. Don’t waste the opportunity - it’s scientifically proven that your people will remember the content of a song far longer than a regular presentation.

Return On Investment

By taking care of both your Conference Opener and Closer, and your Evening Entertainment, SongDivision USA will save you time, money, and have your boss and audience telling you you’re a rock star.

Increase Productivity

Having a large group work together towards a common goal in a small time frame, and achieve something together they never knew they could, increases collective cohesion and productivity back in the workplace.

The Foundation Of Innovation

What do innovative companies all have in common? Creativity, Communication and Collaboration - the vital skills required to produce consistent results. These fundamentals are strengthened by the Team Anthem’s proprietary process.

Small Time Frame

Perfect for programs short on time, the Team Anthem can be as short as 2 x 10 minute blocks that top and tail your program, or in a continuous 45 to 90 minute session depending on your needs.


Customer Testimonials

Our customer Microsoft

“SongDivision rocked our world. They sent us out from our event in very high spirits.”

- Microsoft
Our customer Bayers

“SongDivision rocked our world. They sent us out from our event in very high spirits.”

- Bayers
Amex Testimonials

"You guys are unbelievable! You helped us connect our people. You helped us bring our meeting to life. You guys are the BEST!"

- American Express

Event Details

Your event begins with a world-class band playing a high-energy hit song.

SongDivision USA’s world-class MC introduces the musicians and some of the famous acts they’ve performed with, then reveals what’s about to happen: everyone in the room is going to collaborate and create a completely original song. Some trepidation from your people at this point is both expected and healthy! Everyone is nudged just far enough out of their comfort zone such that the day-to-day office politics are dissolved and the group can experience working together in a fresh way.

Within moments, your conference is transformed into a dynamic, impromptu rock concert, as the audience and band work in unison to write both the music and lyrics of their original song. They're not changing the words to ‘Hotel California', they're creating their very own song based on event objectives that will resonate with them for years to come.

After the lyrics have been written using small group work, the entire room performs their brand new hit backed by some of the world's top musical talent! The Team Anthem can be delivered as a continuous 45 to 90 minute session, or for programs tight on time, it can be broken into blocks just a few minutes long.

Wake up your audience!

Wake up your slightly hung-over audience at the morning general session with a rocking band kicking things off with a bang, playing executives and keynote speakers onto the stage.

After each presenter, audience members submit lyrics about what they're learning via event apps, social media or even pen and paper. The band collates the lyrics backstage then energizes the audience with ‘teasers' of the song between speakers.

As the big finale, your entire group performs the finished song, ending the program on an unforgettable, collective high note. A recording of the song can be used as the soundtrack for the rest of the conference and for your highlights reel, capturing key content that will now resonate long beyond the event itself.

Time Warner Cable Customer Testimonial

"Besides the band being talented, charming, funny and engaging, more importantly from my perspective, they are endlessly accommodating, flexible, and adaptable to our ever changing, rodeo-of-a-corporate show environment. So many things were thrown at them, and they just smiled and rolled with it, nothing but great attitudes and so easy to work with. You guys are total pros - SongDivision is the very best conference energizer and entertainment you can ask for."
- Stephanie Nix - Time Warner Cable, San Francisco

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Event Solutions Award Winner
MPI Award Winner
MEA Award Winner
ESES Award Winner

Common Fears

Groups from every industry in over 20 countries have loved and benefited from their SongDivision USA experience. Many of them had similar concerns to begin with!

Fears from performance

This isn't a talent audition – it's a collaborative, creative process that produces tangible results in the workplace.

Participants quickly forget this is a team building program or conference energizer and get caught up in the buzz of interacting with world-class musicians. Any fears quickly turn to excitement about their song and dreams of rock stardom, followed by the inevitable question – "who owns the copyright?!"

Singing? No way!

“I’ll never sing on my own” or “my group won’t want to sing” are comments we hear every day. However immediately following every SongDivision USA experience, we hear “Wow, I totally forget about my fear of singing” or “I was adamant at the start that you’d never get me up on stage, and by the end of it, you couldn’t keep my team and I off it!” This isn’t a vocal audition, you won’t be singing on your own unless you and your team collectively decide that’s a good option for your song. It’s a group effort, with the main focus on collaborative lyric writing. You and your colleagues will write the song, and the amazing SongDivision USA band will make it sound amazing! We haven’t had a single complaint from people about having to sing at a Team Anthem since we started in 2003 - people love the experience and get a lot out of it, we know you and your group will too!

We don't have enough time!

The team anthem is perfect for programs short on time. If you've got an agenda already packed with executive presentations and heavy content, our conference energizers are the perfect way to engage and entertain your audience and help them retain your key messages. The team anthem can be as short as a few minutes at the start or end of plenary sessions. We've been tailoring amazing conference openers and closers for programs that are extremely short on time since 2003, leaving clients around the world extremely happy that they included us in their agenda despite their initial concerns over time restrictions.

Is it cheesy?

Our MC’s and musicians are some of the best musicians on the planet, who’ve shared the stage with world’s biggest stars. There’s nothing cheesy about them - and your audience will love them. You’ll also love them, because in addition to being mind-blowing performers, their primary goal is to help you achieve your event objectives. They will work closely with you leading up to the event to design a Team Anthem specifically for the demographic of your audience that will communicate your key messages.

Case Studies

Team building customer

Annual Conference

500 Participants

The SongDivision USA band, whose members play with the likes Katy Perry and Kylie, helped 400 staff write and perform a completely original song about their values and goals in three 20 minute blocks throughout the day. We also provided all the entertainment at the Gala Awards Dinner.

The song was used as the soundtrack to the conference highlights reel, meaning the emotion and key messages will resonate long after the event.

Team building w Novo Nordisk

Sales Kick-Off

2,700 Participants

SongDivision USA energized pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk's global conference in Miami at the Jackie Gleason Theater, helping 2,700 people write an original rock anthem about the company in just 25 minutes.

The SongDivision USA band included American Idol Star Michael Johns along with musicians who've worked with Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and The Bee Gees!

Team building with NAR

Association Meeting

1,500 people

At the National Association of Realtors Leadership Summit in Chicago, SongDivison helped the attendees distill the association's key message into a fabulous rock anthem!

Led by our Chicago musicians who play in bands like Survivor, Night Ranger and with artists from Josh Groban to Miley Cyrus, 1500 participants tapped into their collective creativity during this 40 minute songwriting session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical session?

Our conference energizers can be as short as 20 minutes, and our team building program is typically three hours, however all sessions are tailored to your event.

Do I have to sing or be musical?

Not At All! All the singing is done as a group so no one is singled out to perform on their own – unless of course they want to! The focus is on the song writing, it's not a vocal audition like American Idol. We use song writing as the tool to bring teams together and help them be creative. The song is merely the outcome of collective, innovative group ideas. The band will amalgamate the team ideas and turn them into an amazing, personalized song which everyone helps sing at the end. We've never had anyone not want to participate once they see how it all works!

Who owns the song after the session?

The song is owned by the parties who wrote it. That means it is owned by both the participants and the SongDivision USA musicians who create the song collectively. Should the song make it's way onto national radio, SongDivision USA would ensure any royalties are shared appropriately! If a company would like to use the song for commercial purposes after the session, e.g. TV or radio advertising, then a licensing fee would be negotiated with SongDivision USA based on the detail of the license – e.g. countries it was to be aired in, time period etc.

What size group does it work best with?

There's no limit to the number of people we can work with! This is because we have processes to work with very large groups (10,000+), very small groups and everything in between. With the really large groups, we ensure everyone remains engaged through ‘interactive entertainment' – by making the experience a song writing extravaganza as well as a full on live rock n roll concert.

What are the costs?

This is determined based on the size of the group, the venue, the session length and the band we use. Call us or send an email with your requirements (including budget), we'd love to put together a proposal for you that will suit your needs. Click here to contact us.

Can the SongDivision USA band play a party set after the session, at our gala dinner for example?

Yes! We pride ourselves on being able to meet both your team building needs as well as your entertainment needs. And this means better value for money for you (not to mention simplified logistics) as you are only dealing with the one supplier.

Can it be held in a conference room or other venue?

Sessions can be held in any venue – including, but not limited to, ballrooms, conference centers, theaters and recording studios.

What experience do your musicians have?

All the SongDivision USA crew are highly experienced, professional musicians and have been trained in the proprietary, globally-proven SongDivision USA process. SongDivision USA musicians are extremely talented with credits including David Bowie, Queen and Aerosmith to name a few. They also have to have wonderful people skills to be part of the team – they are all trained in group facilitation and can work with all manner of people.

VCardinal Health Customer Testimonial

"SongDivision delivered on the message we were going for, and the musicians were incredible. Your team did a great job facilitating the creation of the song. The connections made between writing a song and selling really worked. I heard nothing but compliments for the Team Anthem and the entertainment at the Gala Awards. People found it special that there was live music, and the choice of tunes were both inspirational and lots of fun."
- Cardinal Health, Chicago


Evening Entertainment

The SongDivision USA band can also take care of all your evening entertainment!

Gala Dinners and Awards nights

Gala Dinners & Awards nights

Award winners and speakers are played on and off the stage, infusing the night with a Grammy Awards energy.

Dance Floor

Our amazing bands will fill your dance floor with hits from the last four decades, which can feature ‘special guest appearances' from delegates.

Rock & Roll Game Show

It's interactive entertainment that highlights your key event objectives in a fun and engaging way, and a great way for your attendees to get to know each other.

Enjoy a little friendly competition among attendees with the ‘Rock & Roll Game Show', where tables compete for coveted bragging rights in this ‘music-trivia on steroids'!

Talent Show

Reveal hidden talents from within your organization, with this fabulously fun and beautifully produced evening of entertainment led by the amazing SongDivision MC and band.

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