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The Song Slam

Team building doesn't have to suck!

The Song Slam - 'Battle Of The Bands'

It's not about the singing! It's the end of cheesy team building that's a hassle to organize, blows up in your face and doesn't produce results in the workplace.

Teams write completely original songs with help from musicians who work with the likes of Prince, Adele and David Bowie...then perform them in a 'battle of the bands' showdown.

SongDivision USA is the global pioneer of music-based team building, working with hundreds of thousands of people in over 20 countries since 2003. Your people will be taken just far enough out of their comfort zone for the usual office politics to disappear, to an environment where opinions are expressed without fear of criticism, creativity muscles are flexed and the focus is always on the solution, not the problem.

The lyrics are based on company objectives, meaning your key messages will resonate long after the event. Fear not, no one needs a musical bone in their body and nobody has to sing on their own. It's about having a blast with your colleagues, making connections, being creative, being competitive, then making a difference back in the workplace.


Team Building

  • Conferences
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  • Sales Kick-Offs
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Group Size

15-1000 Participants

Session Length

3 hours - View Detailed Agenda

Popular Locations

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Zappos Customer Testimonial

"Wow. The Song Slam was SUCH a hit! My whole group had an absolute blast and truly loved every moment. Your staff put stellar team activities with real results. The Zappos team is buzzing about how much fun they had. Cheers to many many more Song Slams!"
- Vanessa Lawson - Event Manager, Zappos, Las Vegas

Is your team 15 people or less?
Affordable, public 'Song Slams' for smaller teams:


Benefits of The Song Slam


Connect with your audience using the universal language of music and the rock & roll energy of a world-class band.


Your people will literally be singing the key messages you want them to take away, which will resonate with them long after the event.

Return On Investment

Groups can write their songs in the afternoon, then perform them that night at the gala dinner. Let us handle both your team building and entertainment, bringing you a better ROI!


Have your team achieve something together that they didn't think was possible, resulting in group cohesiveness and improved productivity back in the workplace.


Your audience will sharpen the three skills necessary for a culture of innovation - Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.

Healthy Competition

'The Song Slam' will create healthy competition among colleagues without the drama often associated with competition in the workforce.


Customer Testimonials

Gala Dinners & Award Packages

"I've been a CEO for over 25 years and we've never had a session where we got this kind of energy and excitement in the room..."

Gala Dinners & Award Packages

"It was wonderful, the whole group enjoyed it and I can't express how many people came and told me how great it was. SongDivision Australia did the job!"

- Pitney Bowes
Gala Dinners & Award Packages

"I can't believe how good SongDivision Australia was for our sales force. The outcomes were amazing."


Event Details

SongDivision USA delivers an electrifying and transformative experience in the guise of a rock concert. Your group will enter the venue to find a world-class band playing a high-energy hit song. As the excitement builds, the SongDivision USA MC introduces the musicians (listing some of the famous artists they've worked with) and announces the assignment: work together to write a completely original song.

The MC splits the room into smaller groups. Each team is assigned a SongDivision USA band member, who guides their team through the process of writing an original song - both lyrics and music. Songs will focus on key company objectives. Afterwards, the teams each perform their songs in a much anticipated concert! For an added element of competition, a judging panel can pick a winning song with the help of the audience, culminating in the thrilling spectacle of your entire group performing the winning song together. The concert can be part of your evening entertainment, followed by a set of dance-floor-filling hits from the SongDivision USA band, which feature 'special guest appearances' from participants.

Programs can be held in almost any venue, such ballrooms and onsite at your office. We can also provide the venue for you, including famous recording studios and music venues.

"I've been in the corporate world for a long time - this was the absolute best."
US Sales Manager, Ray-Ban

VIP Recording Studio Experience

Experience the magic first hand!

You've seen recording studios in the movies - the enormous mixing desk, the producer watching the band through the soundproof glass... Now your team can experience the magic of a world-class recording studio first-hand! Ask us about the famous recording studios we can hold your team building program in, where superstars like Michael Jackson, Prince, The Rolling Stones and Beyonce have all made history.

As the big finale, your entire group performs the finished song, ending the program on an unforgettable, collective high note. A recording of the song can be used as the soundtrack for the rest of the conference and for your highlights reel, capturing key content that will now resonate long beyond the event itself.

Exact Sciences Corporation Customer Testimonial

"SongDivision was the best team building idea I have ever experienced in my professional career! I truly felt like a rock star for three hours. A unique and effective work event, please give the guys in the band my best."
- Gregory O’Brien - Exact Sciences Corporation, Scottsdale

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Event Solutions Award Winner
MPI Award Winner
MEA Award Winner
ESES Award Winner

Common Fears

It's not about the singing!

Gala Dinners & Award Packages

Since 2003, every single person who has started a SongDivision USA session thinking "I don't sing, I'm going to hate this," has come out the other end thrilled and raving about their experience.

You actually don't have to sing at all. It's a collective, creative experience that focuses on the songwriting process, not individual performance.

Over 100,000 people from every industry in over 20 countries have loved and benefited from their SongDivision USA experience. Participants quickly forget this is a team building program and get caught up in the buzz of interacting with world-class musicians.

Singing is scary!

The most common fear we hear is "Oh, I don't sing..." Our process has a 100% success rate in making people forget about this fear and having an amazing experience. You don't need any singing experience, and you won't be made to sing on your own! It's all about the collaborative and creative process of writing lyrics with your colleagues then perform it together. Part of the effectiveness of the program is that people start with this fear, then overcome it.

It sounds cheesy

Our facilitators are all top session musicians who play with the biggest stars on the planet. They kicks things off by playing a classic hit, blowing the participants away and making them quickly forget that this is a 'team building' event. They know how to run an amazing program, but they're far from your typical corporate 'team building facilitators'. They are extremely personable and always have lots of rock & roll war stories to share. They're anything but cheesy and they love sharing the thrill of songwriting with groups around the world. As a result, the experience is ridiculously fun and effective, but it's definitely not cheesy.

It's going to be too loud

Never fear, this isn't a Metallica concert! We're experts at working in corporate environments, making sure the volume is appropriate for the audience and passionate about helping you achieve your event objectives.

Case Studies

Gala Dinners & Award Packages

Networking Event

300 Participants

The event producers wanted to kick of this three day event with a fun, effective networking event.

Senior executives from leading retailers had a fabulous time getting to know each other during SongDivision USA's 'Song Slam', resulting in instant connections that proved extremely fruitful for all throughout the next conference and beyond.

Ray Ban Case Study

Global Sales Kick-Off

120 Participants

Looking to bring the key learnings of their global sales kick-off together, 120 Ray-Ban executives were split into four groups and teamed with some of the best musicians on the planet.

They wrote their songs about new product targets during the afternoon, then provided their own entertainment that night at the 'Song Slam' as they battled it out for rock and roll glory!

Gala Dinners & Award Packages

Team Building + Gala Awards

150 people

Recording and touring with everyone from Prince to the B-52's, SongDivision USA's amazing team of facilitators helped bring this leading finance company's national conference to life with music.

Songs were written by the employees about key messages during the team building program, then performed as the highlight of the Gala Dinner to cap off an amazing event!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical session?

If held in one continous block, our team building session are typically three hours. A common format is where the songs are written in the afternoon, then performed by the teams as the entertainment at that evening's Gala Dinner. All session lengths can be tailored to suit your needs.

Do I have to sing or be musical?

No no no! This is the biggest fear, and the biggest misunderstanding about our programs. Most people are scared of singing, we know that. But everyone loves their SongDivision USA experience! That's because people don't have to sing on their own - the experience is about creating a song together and seeing it come to life with the help of some of the world's best musicians. Everyone forgets their fears once the session starts.

Who owns the song after the session?

The song is owned by the parties who wrote it. That means it is owned by both the participants and the SongDivision USA musicians who create the song collectively. Should the song make it's way onto national radio, SongDivision USA would ensure any royalties are shared appropriately! If a company would like to use the song for commercial purposes after the session, e.g. TV or radio advertising, then a licensing fee would be negotiated with SongDivision USA based on the detail of the license - e.g. countries it was to be aired in, time period etc.

What size group does it work best with?

Our team building programs work beautifully with 15 people. They also work beautifully with 1,000 people, and everything in between. Yes, we execute highly successful team building programs for 1,000 people! We have a proprietary process that uses both small group work and interactive entertainment to engage larger groups and produce results back in the workplace.

What are the costs?

Costs are based on a few factors, including group size, location and session design. Call us or send an email with your requirements (including budget), we'd love to put together a proposal for you that will suit your needs. Click here to contact us.

Can the SongDivision USA band play a party set at our gala dinner?

Yes! We deliver our customers fantastic ROI by covering both their team building need and entertainment needs. This also means simplified logistics for you as you are only dealing with the one supplier - and we're 100% focused on helping you put on your best event ever!

Do you provide the venue or can it be onsite?

Sessions can be held in almost any venue. We work regularly in ballrooms, conference centers, theaters and recording studios. We've run session on the beach and in the ski fields! Give us a call so we can talk you through what's possible.

Who are the musicians?

SongDivision has the biggest and best network of top session musicians on the planet. They work exclusively with us in the team building and interactive entertainment markets when they're not in the studio or touring with the biggest stars on the planet! They work with everyone from Prince to Adele - there's lots more on our fabulous musicians and facilitators here.


Evening Entertainment

The SongDivision band can also take care of all your evening entertainment!

Gala Dinners

Gala Dinners & Awards nights

Your people will actually BE the entertainment! They'll write their songs as part of the afternoon's team building activity, then perform them at the Gala Dinner in a 'Battle Of The Band's' extravaganza!

Award winners are also played on and off the stage by the SongDivision band, infusing the night with a Grammy Awards energy.

Dance Floor

Our amazing bands will fill your dance floor with hits from the last four decades, which can feature 'special guest appearances' from delegates.

Our Partners

Studio at The Palms

Las Vegas’s premier recording studio, Studio at The Palms is a state-of-the-art facility that has been home to luminaries such as Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Michael Jackson, Queen and Beyonce have all recorded some of the biggest hits on the planet. Designed by studio architect Francis Manzella, this is an 8,000-square-foot recording studio and one of the Palms' best-kept secrets.

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Daniel's Music Foundation

Daniel’s Music Foundation is dedicated to using the transformative power of music to empower individuals with developmental and physical disabilities by combining recreational music programs with community and socialization.

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Avatar Studios

Avatar Studios is a legendary New York City recording studio, home to super stars and hits for over 30 years. You name them, they’ve worked there, including Bob Dylan, The Roots, Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Roger Waters, The Strokes, and many more...

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